Linwear attend the 10th China Information Technology Expo
2022-08-24 18:32:15

Linwear attend the 10th China Information Technology Expo on 16-18th August at Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. Since it was first held in 2013, after ten years of continuous development, China Information Technology Expo has become an annual event with the largest scale, the most complete industrial chain, the most abundant activities and the fastest growing influence in Asia. The theme of this year's expo is "Forge ahead for ten years, create the future with wisdom", with an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters.

In the past year, facing many severe situation and risks and challenges, Linwear worked hard to overcome difficulties, consolidate and expansion of our own advantages, made up for shortcomings, enhanced our own strength, and contributed to China's electronics industry within our ability. Linwear will continue to invest in R&D and innovation, stick to the innovation-driven strategy, and occupy its own place in the smart wearable industry.

Our booth attracted many buyers from the very beginning. The new bluetooth call watch, you can call by raising your wrist, receive instant messaging software information, control mobile phone music and take pictures, etc. AMOLED screen watch meets the requirement of always-on-dispaly, no need to press buttons or do extra operations to see the time, lower power consumption and clearer display effect, as well as longer battery life. The appearance is as dazzling as ever, and the sports watches and traditional watches can meet the various needs of different groups of people.

LA88 is an innovative work that shows the personality of Linwear. From the appearance, you can see that it is so special. It is like a sports car with full horsepower. 1.8-inch high-definition large screen, 320*390 high resolution, brings a better visual experience, the titanium metal shell has a cool appearance, heat resistance and cold resistance. 350mAh large battery, up to 15 days of battery life, get rid of power anxiety. Of course, functions such as Bluetooth calling, online payment, and health monitoring are equipped.

LA17 post-modern style sports watch, super retina AMOLED screen, 360*360 high-definition pixels, as thin as 9.8mm body, hidden water drop button design, beautiful look for a variety of scenes, concise but not simple, supports 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring , blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, breathing training, female physiological cycle and a variety of sports modes, easy to master the physical state.

The LA23 Bluetooth call watch supports dial-up, synchronization of contacts and call records, and displays push information such as Instagram, Facebook. It is not necessary to take out the mobile phone from the bag, and important information is clear at a glance. AI intelligent voice opens various functions through voice commands, NFC access control, monitoring health condition, compact watch, smart brain, intelligent life starts from the wrist.

LA24 curved screen design, smooth lines, both beauty and practicality, skin-friendly, closer to you. 24 hour heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, health guardian always online, running, cycling, walking, mountain climbing, table tennis... A variety of sports modes, full data records, every step on the sports road all counts.

LW46 has a 1.69-inch high-definition color screen, golden ratio aspect ratio, ultra-wide viewing angle, narrow border, and a new visual experience. Metal body, bright texture, super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the back shell and heart rate lens are integrated, 3ATM excellent waterproof performance, accompany you to swim and fully enjoy the joy of sports. A variety of different styles of straps, whether it is sports or business occasions, can be perfectly adapted.

The exhibition site was crowded with people, buyers and tourists are full of praise for the various watches, and there are lots of people who offer to buy samples on the spot. The warm and professional service of the Linwear team has won unanimous praise from the buyers and tourists of the exhibition.

The three-day exhibition ended perfectly, and the elaborate layout made the Linwear booth a highlight of the electronics fair, which gave us confidence and inspired us to make better products to live up to everyone's love. Every face-to-face communication with customers is a precious opportunity. What customers care about is our heart. We cherish every opportunity and look forward to the next meeting.

The smart wearable market is a vast sea with no end in sight, with both opportunities and risks. Linwear with its own professional and vision as the compass, with innovation as the direction, set sail and go forward, the vast world has a lot to do!

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